Excerpts From

PPP-1 the Book

"Endless Journey"

Enjoy these excerpts from the Left side of my brain. This book was truly a joy to write and I know you will enjoy flying with these ants.

Penee could hear the whistle of wind coming from the Owls wings and impact seemed imminent.  Penee braced and watched the owl pull up into a perfect loop then fly alongside the PPP-1 matching the speed of the paper airplane exactly. 




Go to cruise!  Time, that had seemed to be going so fast now was in slow motion and climbing at 900 feet per minute. 

Penee was riding lookout at the nose of the PPP-1 and was shocked to see three other people suddenly stand and outstretched their arms trying to catch the plane.  Acro had committed the PPP-1 in its dive and all they could do was hold on and watch in horror as the PPP-1 took them towards disaster.



The PPP-1's loaded to 9 g's as it pitched up into a screaming wing-over and finished off with a diving left spiral.  The skydiver shot right past them, Acro's skills had averted this possible catastrophe but there were still over 200 to go.







Centered in the rising thermal the ants gathered at the center of gravity and were feasting on baseball stadium hotdog while drifting downwind oblivious to the world.


Upstairs in the dining car Dave, Anne and Bobby enjoyed a continental breakfast as they watched the city turn to country.



He then pulled out a map of the area and checked his watch. He needed to get in the air, he couldn’t sit next to Anne much longer with out developing stronger feelings towards her; the sky was also calling his name.




Dave's brain was working overtime trying to catalog the possibilities; a bird, a plane, another glider, debris lifted towards the heavens?...It had to be one of those things, what else was there?


Everyone responded to this new emergency in milli-seconds, soon they were pointing straight down!


Soon all Bobby could hear was the screaming of the wind they had just knifed through.


...as the canopy flew off, his head and face smacked hard by the wind...


He was also silently wishing he had told Bobby more about his plan. Like the 'jettison of the canopy' part...



As Bobby's brain prepared to exit unconsciousness the blurry face over him started to take shape.