Fall River Mills Airshow


Sunday 7-11 am

June 3rd 2012

Hank Strong's Para Sailing Fly-in

     I am new to the Big Valley so I was surprised to see a sign one day driving home to Nubieber from Fall River Mills, 20 miles to the south...It was a big yellow sign and it said "Airshow"...


Fall River Chamber of commerce



  Here we go...it is airshow Sunday and it is just me and my service dog Charlie...you will see and meet Charlie later...It has been a long time since I went to one of these...For those that don't know I had a very bad flying accident twenty years ago and now I was back as a spectator with my service dog...I only met friendly people and I saw some Really, REALLY Cool aircraft...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I will just throw some pictures at ya and comment here or there...If you see yourself in one of my "group shots", let me know...there may be a prize associated with you seeing yourself...


    Several passes of the flag greeted us...

  Everybody in town was at the airshow  


I drove ambulance in 1972-74...Things have changed a lot...


This is a plane that I would like to fly...a picnic in the middle of nowhere sounds nice huh;?)














Pancake Breakfast


          Almost Late for Breakfast...





Happy Charlie






Pretty good likeness... Thanks Vista Print


Headed Home...Entering Big Valley


Home again in Cloud 9

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