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Now that I have your attention; here is the deal...

   I have discovered the "secret of Life" in quotes please note...I now live with a traumatic brain injury and an affliction of PTSD and Service Dogs...The Dog saved my life one night and the dog can save others; I did not learn that I had a service dog for 7 years; Healing could have been dealt with more effectively...Now I speak from the mountain tops and tell all...
   Part of this life time that was the most satisfying and fun was that of a hang gliding instructor/airshow pilot....Boy was that fun...but...I crashed :-(

Now I fly paper airplanes and radio control...

   I have aged rather respectfully but the clock is ticking...I want to build something that will/could last forever...


The Love of flight shall be an internal bond between humans until the last day of eternity...

I am looking for several veterans with service dogs that would be good at running my airshow vehicles and equipment all around the nation at airshows, schools, stores etc...I will also want you to fly at the superbowl and tail gate as never before...You will keep up a web site and design t-shirts that will be sold for funding purposes...I hope that I have sparked an interest; there is way to much to list here but you are guaranteed an adventure. Please send me an email if you are interested...I am hoping my funding lawsuit goes thru smoother than before... dave@onemanairshow.org

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