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This is what I did on the big 50 birthday


Below are the "Bonz Boys"

Bonzi and brother Bonzo

I use these guys for school presentations and they help me teach others how to work a service dog in public.

They also are a very important "medication" for home life.

My Boys

The link above is a html slide show of my current set of troops.

Below is what I see sometimes off the deck in the early morning

Big beautiful Mt. Shasta is to the right of this lenticular cloud

Omen of a beautiful day to come...

Yes, I live in a rural area...below is the excitement for the day at the bottom of the driveway...

Yes...I did go down and move the dump trailer back up the driveway...

Below is what I refer to as the "relaxation chamber" where i do my thinking and web work in the doghouse...

Yes it snows here, I live at 4000 feet and my year consists of Sun and snow separated by a few thunderstorms

Below is the relaxation chamber during the other half of the year...

You should see why I love it down there, my front yard...

Below is "Hay" He was my second service dog and excelled! may thing he is a ham but he really is a dog :-)

I am thinking about doing my hair in this color :-)



Service dogs for Veterans