My First Airshow

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My First Airshow

Aviation Day 2008

One Man Airshow

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Above is Bonzo spreading the seeds of flight upon humanity...

Below is where I germinate the seeds of flight that Bonzo has spread...



The trailer is real but it was taken thru Photoshop to see how it will look...

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My First Airshow

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From Paper Airplanes to F-16 jets...From Gliders to Rocks...



Climb aboard if you Dare...

I have decided that since nobody will accept me and my ideas that I will just do my own thing and fly my model planes with my service dogs and wait patiently  for the cosmos to guide my ride thru life...

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Simulated Asteroid shower...

You will be supplied with a picnic lunch and placed in a beautiful country meadow and sit at the edge of a very pretty stream as I throw rocks at you from a hundred yards with my sling...You must sign my liability wavier and supply your own helmet...I cannot guarantee that I won't miss...

Jim LeRoy Died in an airshow accident 7-28-07

This is the first, only and last correspondence I had with Jim Leroy, I liked him...

Hi Dave,


I just spent a few minutes traveling about on your site.  You have some beautiful dogs at one point we had four dogs.  Two great danes and two English bulls.  Theyve all passed and now we have just one a 9 month old American bulldog named Bob.  He is wonderful with my 4 yr old son, but not very obedient at the moment hes very smart but I havent spent enough time with him training, mostly just playing.  Hell mind me as long as hes close enough for me to grab, once hes out of reach maybe 200 feet away, hes off to visit the neighbors dogs, with me chasing him.  It looks like one of your dogs may be an American Bulldog???  Ive done a bit of hang gliding the very basic stuff, a long time ago.   Ive flown by Mount Shasta many times (in aircraft) its beautiful there.  Dave, take care of yourself.  I hope our paths cross sometime.


Best Regards,



Thanks Jim...Be assured, our paths will cross...Dave